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It’s a Cinch Head Wrap & Collar


For my first departure from knitting scarves I wanted to take on another simple yet cute project so I put my Google-Fu skills to work and found this pattern on Ravelry by Elisa McLaughlin.

Of course, being me, I decided to move ahead on the project even though I didn’t have the correct size knitting needles. So once again I improvised the materials (using the exact pattern) and I Made This:


Materials Needed:

Worsted Weight Yarn (approximately 90yrds)

~I used Red Heart Super Saver Bonbon Print

Straight Knitting Needles US size 10 (6.0 mm)

Yarn Needle

I had some pretty leftover sparkly teal yarn so last night I Made This:


Materials Needed:

Worsted Weight Yarn (approximately 90yrds)

~I used Red Heart Sparkly Teal (misplaced the tag so I’m not sure of the real name but any medium weight sparkly teal yarn will do)

Straight Knitting Needles US size 10.5 (6.5 mm)

Yarn Needle


The complete pattern along with step by step picture guide can be found here. Happy Knitting!!!



Chunky Arm Knit Scarf

IMG_4281           IMG_4272

I get tons of compliments and people cannot believe I made it myself in just a few hours!







I first tried my hand at knitting this past January and quickly became frustrated with the slow as molasses pace and my inability to understand the fundamentals THEN I stumbled upon this little gem on PinterestArm Knitting Tutorial – How-To | and I was hooked. Not only is this a fun, easy, and quick way to knit it’s also an awesome way for a newbie knitter to learn the fundamentals!

Thanks to Maggie I have a gorgeous collection of homemade chunky knit scarves in colors I love AND I figured out the ins and outs of knitting! Win-Win 🙂 Now if only my budget allowed for more yarn…lol


I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn in Constellation for my scarf pictured above.


IMG_4269  You can see how wide the loops are due to using your arms as the knitting needles


Here is Maggie’s how-to video to get you hooked on knitting:

Super Simple Scarf

I love yarn, especially thick, soft, colorful yarn. I buy it without having the slightest idea of what I’m going to do with it. I figure I’ll find a pattern…the interweb is a big place with lots of ideas after all lol.


After practicing my knits and purls and trying to get all the knitting lingo down I decided for my first real project to just wing it and knit a scarf sans any real pattern (because at this point I couldn’t really read any pattern).


So using one ball of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn Mystical


I cast on 12 stitches then knit 2 rows, purl 2 rows til end of yarn. Bind off in knit then weave in ends.

Voilà! Beautiful handmade scarf that you can knit in a day 🙂



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